Saturday, April 9, 2011


Well, it's almost spring at the yurt - more like mud season up there.   Went up today to start doing some spring chores.   Took up some vinca for the slope next to the yurt, and a bunch of raspberry canes - they're overgrown at our house, so we really need to get them going up at the yurt - I'd hate to move up there and have no raspberries!   I'll do some more digging in the garden and get some more up there on Sunday.   And dig out a bit more vinca for the slope.   MMM. . . next?   Probably rhubarb.  

Also took a walk up there today with dog along the road.   Some some HUGE turkey tracks right done one side of the road, but lost them before we got back to the property.   Also saw a tree across the street with a HUGE pile of fresh wood chips at the bottom from a woodpecker.   The pile was probably two feet deep.   All in all, a good day.   And Monday, it's going to near 70!   Yippie!  


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