Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter pics of the yurt


 First pic is now from 12/30/10.   I shoveled, the snow from roof dumped on deck, shoveled again - but most of it melted over New Year's weekend.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter is finally readied. . . on to the dreaming part.

I broke down last week and had a cord of wood delivered and stacked by two nice young men.   That means that I don't have to fuss any more about winter at the yurt, or worry that every time I go spend a couple of days, I'll be denying guests warmth!   That's a good thing!

Now I'm looking forward to "what next?"  Another yurt is too expensive for the time being, but I want to be able to stay up there while I have guests - to be able to take advantage of weather for working at the property.   So . . . . next year is "tent year."   By "tent," I mean a semi-permanent affair that I can stay in and work closer to the house site.  I've pretty much picked out the tent, but not size.   Colorado yurt makes some great tents designed to go on platforms.  Now I just have to pick out the size, and decide how to furnish it, decide on how to store tent things in the winter, etc.   It will have chimney hole, so it will be at least a three season tent!  

I tend to think about all kinds of things such as Log furniture, or something more storable?   Reenactment themed, or just practical?   Bear-proof food storage - home made or seriously industrial?   All to be decided in the coming months.  For now, it's off to find some wrapping paper, scissors, and ribbon.   I made cookies all morning, and I seriously don't have the energy do much else for a bit.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Enough wood for the winter?

It seems as though the fall is generally a time of stacking wood, moving wood, collecting kindling, and generally trying to get ready for the long winter.   I started out thinking that we had plenty of wood for the winter.  We've been busy with a lot of guests, however, and each time someone left, I replenished the wood pile with as much wood as could get on the deck to replace it.   Well, the snow is about to fly, and all but a few sticks are on the deck!   I spent the last two days replenishing our kindling box by dragging downed wood out of the woods surrounding the yurt, and not a small amount from the trees blown down by storms over the last few year along the road.  For the amount of effort I've expended, we have pitifully little to show for it.   The kindling box is full, and i've stuffed more kindling in spaces between larger logs in the big, covered woodpile.   I'm still thinking that I'm going to have to limit rentals until spring, however.

I'll try to get up there later this week and get as much as I can, but once we get more than a couple of inches, it's almost impossible to harvest much.  One change I'll make:  Ski pants!   It was cold up there!