Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall is here!

I had some great days working at the yurt this week - had to come home to go to a legal education course today - but I'll be back up there tomorrow.    Working on a permanent home for the generator - eventually there will be a new wood pile - not sure if it's going to get done this year or not.     

The weather this week - until today - has been great - cool mornings, and temps not over 80 - one day it stayed below 70 all day - got a lot of work done!    I love those temps.   

Here's the new generator home - not yet finished.    I bought a heavy (13/16) sheet of plywood to top it - to hold the huge snow load that will slide down from the roof - it's too big for me to get it to the sawhorse to cut it - so Ric will help me do that Sat or Sunday - meanwhile, I still have to make the front doors and paint it.   

Since I just recently knocked down the framework for the old woodshed there, this is the first time the NE window had been rolled up to admit light to the yurt.   Turns out, with three other windows, it doesn't add that much more. . . . but at least the view isn't of the back of the woodpile. . . I'll head up tomorrow to work on the front door for the shed.  

Also - I now have email at the yurt via my new phone.   Web inquiries welcome.   Even if you want to stop by to visit,