Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome to Cardigan Hideaway's blog

I'll try to post as often as I can here.  Let's start out with why Cardigan Hideaway exists.  This all goes back to our 15th wedding anniversary in 2004.   We had been living in the city for four years, and I wanted to get away to someplace dark and quiet.  It was the first four years of our marriage that we had lived in the city.   I made arrangements to go to a hunting camp for a weekend - and paid a huge amount of money to do so.   When we got there, the quaint gas-lights of the cabin turned into a noisy generator that ran 24/7.  Worse, they had placed a flag on their waterfront, and lighted the flag pole all night - so our "dark, quiet weekend" was anything but.    Actually we did have a good time during the day on that weekend - we went biking and kayaking in the area - and it was as remote as promised - we saw a mamma and baby moose on our kayak ride, as well as some loons on the lake.   Fast forward to a few years - I had always thought we'd retire to the White Mountains, but Ric had other ideas.   I spent some time looking for a large piece of land in SW NH, but the prices weren't very good for what I wanted, and  I found that many of the properties came with deed restrictions - I wanted some place we could have the family for parties eventually.   The plan is to eventually have three or four yurts or tents and a retirement home for central gatherings.   We started small, with one yurt, closer to the road.  That still isn't bad, because our property is bounded by state forest, front and back, so we'll never have neighbors across the street.  We can walk from the yurt straight to the top of Mt. Cardigan and never run into another home within sight of the street - we do have one neighbor to the north who is building a home further back on his property, so that will never change.

 So - it's plenty dark.   The only night sounds, aside from the very occasional car going by,  are those of nature - water and critters.   We have a critter cam on the property, and have caught deer, moose, bear, bobcat, turkey, fox.   That's about it for why it exists.