Sunday, March 18, 2012

Customer comments - love it!

"The yurt is beautiful - everything we needed and nothing more.  We were supposed to be camping - very glad we didn't."

"This is a great set up!  Warm, comfortable and peaceful."

"Love this place!  The stove keeps it plenty warm.  Lots of noises during the night.  Snow sliding off the rood - coyotes - great time." 

"Love the yurt - so comfy and cozy."

"This beats camping!  Loved it!" 

"This yurt was so perfect . . . everything we need!  I will definitely let our friends know about this spot." 

"This was our first yurt experience and it was fabulous!  It kept us cozy and warm and the atmosphere was one to remember.  Enjoyed listening to the coyotes howl and owls hoot."  

"This place is perfectly stocked - we were thrilled by the amenities and indoor toilet."  

"Thanks for a lovely place to relax and enjoy a beautiful part of NH.  Be sure to enjoy the silence."

"Great sounds at nighttime!  Beautiful bird sounds in morning.  Comfy futon."

"We love this place!  It was like "Glamping. (Glamorous camping).  Everything we needed - loved getting away.  It was yurt-tastic!"

"This is our first yurt experience, love it.  Compared with tent camping, this yurt is a paradise!  Also, love the green toilet.  Would like to come back during the winter time for skiing." 

"It's our 5th or 6th time in a yurt - this is the best!"

"Futon was comfy and linens were a treat."

"We'll be back!" 

"Pancakes were delicious.  Great amenities.  Everything and more than what we needed or expected."  

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Google Earth view of the trails at Cardigan Hideaway

And these

Jackpot on the critter cam!

Earlier this year, Ric took the critter cam to the top of the property.  We had seen even the first year we owned the property that the moose were bedding down up there in the winter.  Yesterday, he went up the snowy slope to change the card.   He not only saw two moose up there, we have many movie clips of moose!   Enjoy.  

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Well, it's almost spring at the yurt - more like mud season up there.   Went up today to start doing some spring chores.   Took up some vinca for the slope next to the yurt, and a bunch of raspberry canes - they're overgrown at our house, so we really need to get them going up at the yurt - I'd hate to move up there and have no raspberries!   I'll do some more digging in the garden and get some more up there on Sunday.   And dig out a bit more vinca for the slope.   MMM. . . next?   Probably rhubarb.  

Also took a walk up there today with dog along the road.   Some some HUGE turkey tracks right done one side of the road, but lost them before we got back to the property.   Also saw a tree across the street with a HUGE pile of fresh wood chips at the bottom from a woodpecker.   The pile was probably two feet deep.   All in all, a good day.   And Monday, it's going to near 70!   Yippie!  


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter pics of the yurt


 First pic is now from 12/30/10.   I shoveled, the snow from roof dumped on deck, shoveled again - but most of it melted over New Year's weekend.